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Source: Straits Times (https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/funeral-director-who-allegedly-assisted-ex-boyfriend-in-suicide-wants-to-claim-trial)Article Date: 8 July 2023Author: Christine Tan Alverna Cher Sheue Pin, a funeral director accused of helping her former boyfriend take his own life and lying to the police, has applied to change her lawyers to Mr Peter Ong Lip Cheng from Peter Ong Law Corporation. Source: Straits Times

Source: CNA (https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/police-officer-stalk-teenager-harass-text-messages-2768516)Article Date: 24 Jun 2022Author: Davina Tham SINGAPORE: A police officer who was investigating a teenager for attempted suicide asked for her phone number and went on to send her harassing text messages over the next 18 days. He questioned the 19-year-old on who she was meeting, when she ate, showered and slept,

Source: Straits Times (https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/court-dismisses-appeal-over-liability-in-workers-mishap)Article Date: 27 Jun 2022Author: K.C. Vijayan SINGAPORE - Former construction worker Janaed, who was paralysed after a 3.7m-high fall at a worksite in 2018, can proceed to have damages jointly payable by two defendants to be assessed. The Appellate Division of the High Court last week dismissed the appeal by Westgate Tower's subsidiary

Source: Straits Times (https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/debt-collector-liable-for-defamation-during-visit-to-lim-teans-office)Article Date: 27 Jun 2022Author: K.C. VijayanSDCS Holdings' visit last September to the office in International Plaza drew wide notice on several online platforms. The High Court held that a debt collection agency had defamed a company director during a debt recovery visit that was live-streamed on its Facebook page. Justice S.

By Peter Ong Lip Cheng and Boo Kok Chuon As the trial of Johnny Depp[1] and his former spouse, Amber Heard, closes, the topic of defamation has resurfaced to be the talk of the town. Watching the cross examinations of the witnesses in the Johnny Depp trial is entertaining, but

By Peter Ong Lip Cheng Introduction In the recent divorce saga of Taiwanese superstar Wang Leehom, there have been talks about the prenuptial agreements that the superstar entered into with his ex-wife Li Jinglei prior to the marriage. In this article, let us examine what are prenuptial agreements and their applicability to

By Marcus Lim Introduction The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions to most, if not all businesses around the world, including Singapore. Unsurprisingly, people are worried about the consequences of being unable to carry out their obligations under their contracts and how the Covid-19 pandemic would affect their obligations under such contracts. In

By Boo Kok Chuon Over the past one year, we have advised and saved no lesser than five clients, who almost fell victim in financing schemes related to SBLC that turned out to be fraudulent in nature. Over the past one week, we received an enquiry from a long-time friend and